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Hair loss can be an embarrassing and stressful experience and can be negative to a person’s confidence. Although, there are many options available in the market – FUE Hair Transplant is the most effective and a permanent solution to a balding head.

Hair loss can occur either naturally or due to certain medical conditions. Taking certain medications can also cause them. Although, there are many hair loss treatments available, most people suffering from hair loss prefer getting FUE hair transplant as a permanent solution.

Hair transplants are a common procedure to restore falling hair in both men and women but are costly for the average person, especially in the west. However, the men and women have found the answer to the rising hair transplant cost and heading overseas to have their hair transplants. Deciding to have hair transplantation abroad can save you half of what you would spend in your own country and also give you the chance to experience the famous Istanbul.

The Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair restoration process involves taking hair follicles (usually from the back) and transplanting them to the balding area. New hair grows over the course of six to eight months and resulting in a gradual change in the person’s appearance. Hair transplantation can be performed by two techniques that are:


Follicular unit extraction is the process where hair follicles are extracted transferred one by one from the nape and other areas (usually the area between the ears) to the balding area using fine-tipped needles. The FUE hair transplant method involves no stitches, no scars, minimal bleeding and no swelling.


Follicular Unit Transplantation involves removing a strip of skin from the scalp and transplanting the follicular units from the strip to the balding area. This type of hair transplant mimics a person’s natural hair growth thus maintaining the hair’s natural structure.

Although both methods involve surgery, it can be performed in outpatient centers under local anaesthesia and sometimes mild sedation.

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Is Hair Transplant Painful?

Many people who think about having hair transplant worry if the procedure would be painful. Just thinking about someone making cuts in your scalp seems horrifying. But the truth is far from that. Although, the injections given for anaesthesia might seem scary, the actual procedure is relatively pain-free.

Post-Operation Care

After the process, you might feel your scalp to be a bit tender. Your doctor will provide you painkillers and antibiotics to relieve the sore scalp and protect you from infection. Your doctor will also advise you to wear a surgical dressing over the scalp for a day or two. Most people are able to return to work two to five days following the procedure.

The transplanted hair will fall out after 2-3 weeks and new growth should be noticeable within a few months.

Hair Transplant Cost

The cost of hair transplantation methods vary depending on the number of grafts required and the technique applied. In the last decade, Hair transplant in Turkey has been a popular choice amongst many. Talented specialists and fixed charge per session (instead of charging per grafts) are the main reasons.

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4 months after the transplantation hair will start to grow permanently and after 8 months they will be significant. Full results will be seen after 12 months from the hair transplant operation.
Before the transplantation, all of the hair needs to be cut 1 mm long.

You may go back to work next day after the procedure but still we recommend to rest for 3 days
After FUE hair transplantation your new hair will look all natural since the transplanted hair is been extracted from your own hair.
We perform the treatments in certified sterile hospitals.

Your transplanted hair grows as your existing hair. You may even dye your hair 4 months after the procedure.
Operations take between 6 to 8 hours depending on the transplanted number of grafts.

If the donor area and the body hair is not available for the procedure hair transplantation can not be performed. Also patients need to inform our team about their diseases.

FUE hair transplantation won’t leave any permanent scar, there might be minor swelling and redness that will disappear in 10 days.

First 4-6 weeks you need to avoid direct sunlight to your head. You should definitely not to use hair spray and gel in first two weeks and also you need to stay away from strenuous physical activity including workouts in first 5 days.
Since you will have less hair on your donor area compared to the amount before procedure, with the help of blood circulation the existing hair will be fed more and become more lively than before even. Also you will get a PRP therapy session with your hair transplant treatment which helps to stimulate the growth.

Since the transplanted hair is not subject to DHT hormone which causes hair loss, your transplanted hair will be permanent and will grow.

In order to gain a natural look hair follicles are extracted from back and sides of your head and sometimes depending on the situation beard and body hair may be used for the hair transplantation.
You may feel a little discomfort in your first night after the procedure, but you will receive the necessary medication from your specialist.
Each hair root that has been extracted from your donor area is called graft. You may count one graft as 3 hair follicles on average.
Depending on the patient’s balding and donor area, hair transplantation can be done up to 5,000 grafts in one session.

Patients with limited donor areas, pregnants, who has myocardial infarction.

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